Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau


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  • Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau
  • Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau
  • Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau
  • Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau
  • Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau

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Georgie's Musings on Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau:

This book might just be the first children's book I fell in love with as an adult. It inspires creation and frivolity while taking a moment to acknowledge and accept very real feelings ... "She wanted to go home and might have gone, too, but the cake had been paid for. What else could she do?" Perhaps our feelings of obligation or not wanting to let someone or something down are unfair to share with our children at times, but this time, as Madame Chapeau finds, there can often be the happiest of moments if commitments are kept.

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Book Description: 

So begins Andrea Beaty’s new rhyming picture book about a brilliant but lonely hat maker who doesn’t realise how adored she is by her neighbours. On her birthday, Madame Chapeau wears the perfect bonnet made by her late husband. But on the way to her birthday dinner, a crow snatches her hat and flies away with it, leaving Mme. Chapeau sans bonnet. As she chases the crow, everyone around her begins to follow her, offering their own hats for her to wear. None of them are quite right for Madame Chapeau, though, until one special little girl offers her a hat "knitted with love and [her] best birthday wish." What appears "rather odd" to Mme Chapeau at first is actually the perfect gift for her. A delightful story about love, community, and friendship, with some fancy hats and a birthday thrown in for good measure.


  • Written by Andrea Beaty
  • Pages 32
  • Created for ages 4+
  • Hardback

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