Rain ‘Bee Tall Cottage’

The Woodsman

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  • Rain ‘Bee Tall Cottage’
  • Rain ‘Bee Tall Cottage’
  • Rain ‘Bee Tall Cottage’
  • Rain ‘Bee Tall Cottage’

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Build a better world... starting with one little bug motel!

Our latest ‘limited edition’ collaboration with well-known insect architects 'The Woodsman' - a piece of architecture to truly treasure and learn from no matter what your age.

Made from upcycled timbers and organic waste, with a belief in using sustainable materials and practices. A Woodman bug-home might once have been a bed, bench, desk, or wall as untreated timbers relinquished to landfill are locally 'harvested' with care to revive and restore them!

Each home tells a story of it's past life while looking forward to it's future in your garden. 


  • This is the 'cottage' style hotel
  • Dimensions 39cm tall, 23cm wide and 10cm deep
  • Arrives with a factsheet that explains how and where to use your bug hotel to maximise it’s effectiveness
  • With a commitment to making use of what is available every Woodsman home is unique and original, low impact and actively waste reducing.
  • Homes are filled with a variety of fallen, discarded and unwanted gathered materials including acacia, bamboo, pine, eucalyptus, gum nuts, bottlebrush, clay, brick stone, grasses and paperbark. 
  • Natural organic fibres create the ideal nesting and rest habitat for native Australian bees and bugs, the under-appreciated, hardest working ecologists in your backyard. 
  • Motels and homes provide a safe, low maintenance way to support native pollinators, improve your garden patch, practice active conservation and learn about wildlife ecology.

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