You Must Bring a Hat


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  • You Must Bring a Hat
  • You Must Bring a Hat
  • You Must Bring a Hat

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Georgie's Musings on You Must Bring a Hat:

This is a funny one. Perfectly tailored to 4-8-year-old humour, it is requested often and I find it equally ridiculous every time I read it.

..."Under no circumstances is a tutu to be worn without the supervision of an accompanying penguin"

It makes a light-hearted joke of rules, which I find refreshing after a week full of days as a primary school parent. 

 Book Description: 

The only rule for attending this party is . . . you MUST bring a hat. But what if you don't own a hat? Will bringing a monkey wearing a hat be enough?

Find out in this tale that builds to a gloriously surreal and hilarious ending.


  • Written by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley
  • Pages 32
  • Created for ages 4+
  • Paperback

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