The buzz around here is to beeeee excited for the launch of our limited edition ‘Bee Motels’ on Tuesday 21st 8pm

Made in collaboration with the masters of handcrafted insect architecture ‘The Woodsman’ - who have constructed a limited run of 40 insect hotels just for us!

The ‘bungalow’ and ‘cottage’ will be available in two colour combinations to perfectly pair with our newest collection of garden pjs

The ‘Bee Motels’ are constructed with natural organic fibres and a variety of fallen seed pods, eucalyptus, bottlebrush and paperbark to create the ideal nesting and rest habitat for native australian bees and bugs. 

Each is a delightful addition in your home wether it be a big one or a slither of balcony - we hope they inspire chat of nature and bugs - the under-appreciated, hardest working ecologists in your backyard!