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I dreamed up this collection and held on extra tight through the trickiest season of making in Australia. An Australian summer of sleepwear like nothing we have ever created before is coming … October 12th!

A garment dyed collection filled with nostalgia and fresh sleepwear shades, ready to inspire adventure from the moment eyes fly open until the sun dips at night. 

The theme is ‘a story of bedtime’ - detailing the mischief and wonder had by all whilst bundling kids off to the land of nod. 

Featuring our classic stars and illustrations by Oliver Robert Holmes, of bath time, teeth brushing, balmy evening walks, endless requests for water, storybooks with bare feet and finally falling into bed - it’s an Australian summer dream. 

I can’t wait til you are popping these under your kids pillows next week!

They were made just for you, by me.

Warmest wishes and sweetest dreams, 
Georgie + The G.NANCY Team