Providing the Comfiest Pyjamas to Australia’s Boys

Ensure a good night’s sleep every night. Give your little boy the finest organic cotton pyjamas on the market, for sale in a wide range of sizes through the G. Nancy online store. Exclusive to our collection, our long and short sleeve pyjama sets deliver comfort and durability without costing the planet. Perfect for every little boy from three months to nine years, you and your son are sure to love the organic cotton range from G. Nancy.

Make the switch to organic, sustainable fabrics, and discover why so many families across Australia already love G. Nancy’s exclusive collection of organic cotton boys’ pyjamas, delivering sweet dreams every night. We help more people in more places give their child the best, helping your son get a better sleep and keeping our Earth greener and cleaner. Take a look at our collection and discover something beautiful.

Make the right choice for your son and the planet

Nancy pyjamas are made from some of the finest materials available in the industry. We love our environment, and as part of our commitment to being as eco-friendly as possible, all cotton involved in the creation of our collection is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.

To acquire GOTS certification, a textile manufacturer has to meet a variety of social and environmental metrics. That means your son’s new pyjamas will be GMO-free, and the manufacturing process involves no formaldehyde, toxic heavy metals or chlorine bleaching. Qualifying companies must also be certified free of slave labour and child labour, and must pay their employees a liveable wage, meaning that you are not just helping the planet, but the people who live on it.

Order today and experience the difference

Nancy offers a complete boys’ and girls’ sleepwear and bedding range, as well as a selection of toys, manchester and skincare products, all made with a love for both the people in your life and our environment. Order today, and discover why people around Australia choose G. Nancy for their friends and family.

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