CRAFT | Activity sheets to fill your day

I (with the help of Oliver) have drawn up some fresh activity pages for your kids - we hope the three sheets fill a moment of their time with joy and happiness. 

Get your pencils sharpened READY - SET - GO!

Sweetest dreams and warmest wishes,

Georgie x 

Start at the top with a little colouring and spelling (can spelling be fun? Yes, yes it can). 

Next breathe in a little fresh air and match some finds (indoor or out!) to our colour wheel.

Are you done already? We have saved the best for last!

Get writing some love notes to the local people in your community. You might want to print a fair few of these ... I just know your delivery driver, your mum, your neighbour, your friend and your local supermarket would love a note from you!

PS. We won't hold it against you if you print lots and lots and lots of these letter templates

PPS.  We think you are cute

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