CRAFT | Activity Sheets to fill your day .. PART TWO!

A fresh set of three activity pages for your kids - these three are heavy on the 'joy' side in celebration of my little boy's birthday week!
Start with some baking straight from a special lady ... the one I was named after, play pin the tail on the puppy, then whip up a floral mask to save the world in! 
Sweetest dreams and warmest wishes,
Georgie x 

Bake the day away with a secret family recipe of ours!

Rope in mum dad and anyone else in your house to play pin the tail on the puppy! Laughter is good for the soul and after a few spins around you could be pinning this tail in any direction!

Are you done already? Keep celebrating! We have saved the best for last!

Head around your neighbourhood to collect all sort of (lightweight) nature finds! We can't wait for you to show us your nature goggles - the beginning of your super save the world costume! 

PS. We won't hold it against you if you print lots and lots and lots of these goggle templates - you might need a new pair for every outfit!
PPS.  We think you are cute
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