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In celebration of our newly crafted doll PJs we have teamed up with our friend and cardboard extraordinaire Kathryn Ho @cardboardfolk. In 7 short steps your mini will have a bed for their mini - we can't promise they will both be ready for bed in these 7 short steps. From our experience they loooooovvvvve to keep a glacial pace at bedtime. Have FUN!

Sweetest dreams and warmest wishes, 

The G.NANCY TeamSturdy Cardboard (Ours is 5mm thick)

Box Cutter

Steel Ruler


Black Marker

Optional but Recommended: 

Hot Glue Gun

Cutting Mat

Step 1:

Use the box cutter and steel ruler to cut a rectangular bed base from the cardboard,42cm Long x22cm Wide. Round off the corners using a drink bottle lid to trace a neat arc. Cut 4 slots in the bed base, 2 at each end, that run parallel to the long edges of the bed. They should be 8cm long x the thickness of your cardboard and positioned 1.5cm from the edges.

Step 2:

Make the legs of the Bed. Cut a rectangle 17cm long x 16cm wide, with a double wave shape starting at the top left corner and finishing on the right-hand edge, 7.5cm from the bottom. Cut 2 slots in the legs, the first should run vertically from the top, and 1.5cm from the left-hand side. It should be 4.5cm long x the thickness of your cardboard. The second should run horizontally from the right-hand side and 7cm from the bottom. It should be 8cm long x the thickness of your cardboard.

Step 3:

Use the leg you just cut out as a template to cut 1 more. Flip the template over to trace the final 2 legs so that they are the mirror reverse of the original.

Step 4:

Use a black marker to draw detail lines on both sides of each leg.

Step 5:

Cut out the Bed Head and Foot. The Head should be 23cm long x 22cm wide with a rounded top. We used a plate to trace around for the arc. Cut 2 slots in the bed head vertically from the bottom and in 1.5cm from the edges. The Slot should be 4.5cm long x the thickness of your cardboard. Repeat for the foot, however, make the length 15cm.

Step 6:

Slot your legs into the bed base. We recommend glueing the pieces together so that your bed will stand up to lots of play! To do so simply run a small bead of hot glue to the inside of the leg slot just before you push them together.

Step 7:

Slot the Bed Head and Foot into the Legs. If you are using glue run a small bead of hot glue on the inside of the head/foot slots just before pushing them together (although this is not essential if you do not own hot glue materials.)


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