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Make your own valentine's nightlight

Make your own valentine's nightlight


In celebration of Valentine's Day this Sunday, (Yipee!) we have teamed up with our friend and creation extraordinaire Amy @maxandduke to bring you an easy peasy Valentines craft! 

In 3 short steps your little one will have a night light covered in love to fall asleep beside -  Have FUN!

Sweetest dreams and warmest wishes, 

Georgie, and the G.NANCY Team

Recycled Glass Jar (bell jar, jam jar, pasta sauce jar ... any will do!)



Tissue paper (we recommend one base colour and a second feature colour for your love hearts)

Mod podge (watered down 1 part mod podge and 1 part water) or pva (

watered down 1 part glue and 1 part water)

A container to hold your adhesive

Battery operated tea light 

Step 1:

Tear your base tissue paper into small squares, we found squares of 3-5cm work well but this is fairly flexible so let your little one rip away to their hearts desire! Next begin cutting those love hearts, these might need your scissors - unless you are a paper ripping magician!


Step 2:

Paint you're watered down glue in a thin layer where you want to begin working. While it is still wet pop your tissue paper squares onto the jar. Once placed paint another thin layer of your glue solution over the top. Then move around the jar to your next space, and repeat until your jar is covered in little white squares. 

Step 3:

Once your jar is covered with tissue squares, and before the glue dries - place your love hearts. Paint a final thin layer of your adhesive if you feel it is needed or just hold tight and let your sweet night light dry (depending on where you are in the world ... and how generous you were with that glue this can take between one and three hours.) 

Once completely dry, pop in your battery operated tea light and watch your little one fall to sleep curled up under the soft glow.