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Make your own paper dolls - with printables!

Make your own paper dolls - with printables!

Slow days call for staying in your pjs and crafting paper folk to match in their very own sleepwear sets! 
The clever lady herself, Julie at Clever Poppy made these delightful paper folk for us to create matching pyjamas for. We have you and your paper friends bedtime ready with seasonal pjs, toothpaste, brushes and books to boot! 
Sweetest dreams and warmest wishes, 
The G.NANCY Team 



Print out your paper folk, and PJs on your home computer. 

Quick tip
If you don’t have a printer, you can click open the pdf and trace the outlines onto paper, directly from the screen.
To do this, all you need to do is open the download link, place a sheet of paper over the computer screen, and you will be able to see the lines that you can trace around. 



Cut around your paper folk first, using the dotted lines as a guide. Try your best to follow the dotted lines rather than the solid black line, so that the close fit as snug as possible. 


Now cut out the doll’s very own G.NANCY pyjamas and accessories! Make sure you cut out all the tabs, they are very important to hold the clothes on.

Dream up your own creations
Tracing from the screen or against the window once printed is a fun way to create outlines for your kids to dream up their own creations! Simply follow the lines of our pyjamas INCLUDING the tabs (or add an a-line for a dress perhaps?) and leave them blank to offer your kids a blank canvas for designing their own fashion!



Fold-down tabs on the clothes, making sure to crease them where the tab meets the clothing outline for the most snug fit.  


It's play-time! Let the daycare, hospital, shopping play begin! 

For little hands, you might want to add some blu-tack to keep the outfits secure whilst deep in play! 
We have also seen some beautiful watercolour added to the dolls to create skin of all shades. 
We hope these form a little jumping-off point for some wonderfully fabulous paper folk wardrobes and worlds!