There's a Tiger in the Garden


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  • There's a Tiger in the Garden
  • There's a Tiger in the Garden
  • There's a Tiger in the Garden

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Georgie's Musings on There's a Tiger in the Garden:

With wonderfully perfect illustrations this is a tale of getting over the hump of 'the same, same but a different day' and living, joyfully in the space you have. I find Norah's grumpiness and wild imagination endearing ... and perhaps a little too familiar! One for every collection if you like, tigers, polar bears, dragonflys, dreaming or are too quick to say you are bored!

Listen to Georgie read 'There's a Tiger in the Garden' here

Book Description: 

When Grandma says she’s seen a tiger in the garden, Nora doesn’t believe her. She’s too old to play Grandma’s silly games! Everyone knows that tigers live in jungles, not gardens.

So even when Nora sees butterflies with wings as big as her arm, and plants that try and eat her toy giraffe, and a polar bear that likes fishing, she knows there’s absolutely, DEFINITELY no way there could be a tiger in the garden . . .

Could there?


  • Written by Lizzy Stewart
  • Hardback
  • Pages 40
  • Created for ages 3+

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