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Bedtime Craft for Kids

Bedtime Craft for Kids


I am a firm believer that a slower pace in the late afternoon creates an enormous difference in my kids lives - it’s never one size fits all but here is what works for our family:

1. late, long afternoon shower

2. hop into fresh cotton pjs

3. pre-dinner veggie platter

4. simple game or creative moment

5. family book on the couch

Of course we can help you with the fresh cotton pjs here, and the book here ... 

Let me share with you a cute family craft too! It involves very little set up and no mess - total winner

Happy Bedtime Friends!

PS. when people ask me if I want to do something or make an appointment after 4pm I’m baffled - the wind down has often begun and the only thing getting me out after that is a post dinner family swim!

warmest wishes and sweetest dreams,
georgie x



plain piece of paper


at least two people


1. fold a piece of plain paper in equal thirds

2. number each section so that the illustrator knows which way up the next body part goes

3. fold the paper up so only section one is showing - one person secretly draws a head 

*it helps to draw neck lines or leg lines a few mm into the following section so that the next player knows where to begin their body part! 


4. hide your head, open the paper up to section two only and pass to the next player 


4. hide your body, open the paper up to section three only and pass to the next player

*make sure you look at the number in the corner of the section so that your body part is upright

5. after the final player draws in section, open up your drawing to reveal your character! 

It is the simplest of game for 3-99 yrs and sparks imagination, creativity and the sweetest surprise at the end!