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Make Your Own Pillowcase

Make Your Own Pillowcase

The change of season brings a change of wardrobe, new activities - in the case of Autumn ...rain and a bit of a chill!

I personally like any excuse to celebrate and embody the change of season with a new project for my kids ... hoping it helps my 3 year old embrace and recognise the change of weather and his need to dress in shorts and t-shirt everyday! 

I have a sweet pillowcase craft for you to gift to your kids with perhaps ... fresh organic cotton winter PJs? The tutorial is with a cotton poplin although I recommend using flannelette for the change to Autumn as it is extra cosy on their little faces for cool nights. 

I hope it warms your babies up from the outside in and reminds them to put their jumpers on the following day for school!  

warmest wishes and sweetest dreams,
georgie x 


PS - I make these as gifts for my big adult friends too- who doesn't need a set of sweet printed pillowcases to freshen up their space!

what you will need:
1m of flannelette makes 1 pillowcase
sewing machine or hand sew if you don't mind the extra time
15-20 minute project

 Step One 

Lay our your 1 meter of fabric right side down, fold in half lengthwise

You need 48cm for your pillowcase width and up to 86cm length

(I find it quicker to cut both pieces 86cm long and I cut one down to 74cm in length 


Step Two 

Once you have your two pieces cut, lay them out with right sides together

(if you have a pattern keep an eye on the direction to make sure it's not upside down)

Fold the hem/end of each piece by 1cm TWICE to give you a finished and neat hem

 Step Three

Now your two pieces are hemmed at the end, lay your two pieces right sides together (take note of that pattern direction again to make sure it's not upside down)

Butt your bottom ends together - leaving your longer top end extending out 

Step Four

Fold the piece that extends over the shorter piece. The longer piece makes a sandwich with the short piece as it's filling!

Step Five

Sew around the three edges, 1 cm from the edge (leave the top folded edge as is) You can overlock these three edges for a neat finish also)

That's it!
Turn that pretty case inside the right way and pop a pillow in it, you're done!
Ready to lay your little one's head after a long day of play and ready to gift ... with a pair of cosy winter PJs for a 'change of season' gift!